Here is some general advice and information about osteopathy, which is generally applicable to all therapies we provide at the clinic.

What to expect - your first session

On your first visit to an Osteopath he or she will ask you about your symptoms and how the complaint began. A full history of past problems and medical conditions will be required to gain an understanding of your current problem.

Next is a physical examination to find the cause of your symptoms. This involves establishing the exact area of any pain and testing for muscle weakness, abnormal joint function, or diminished reflexes. The Osteopath's specialised skills in palpation allow us to feel "what's going on under the skin".

Will it hurt?

Formerly the term "osteopathic treatment" suggested the use of a high-speed manipulation to mobilise the joint. Today the Osteopath has a wide range of techniques from which to choose and, while some conditions may require a direct manipulation, osteopathy nowadays tends towards gentler, more subtle techniques.

These safe procedures allow the modern Osteopath to treat a great variety of conditions successfully, ranging from postural problems found in growing children and pregnant women, to occupational stress, or injuries received during sporting and other activities. The pains caused by degenerative changes such as arthritis also often respond to more gentle techniques of treatment.

In general the treatment is seldom painful and, while some patients may be aware of slight discomfort following treatment, this is usually only a very temporary sign of the body adjusting itself to the changed circumstances.

What to wear

When you come wear loose outer clothes that are easy to remove. You will probably be asked to remove some clothing and may need to strip to your underwear, so please wear sensible garments in which you feel comfortable. A laundered hospital-style gown will be available if you prefer one.

Even for a tennis elbow, for example, we may need to examine your neck and upper back, so removing a blouse or shirt may be required. Bring a chaperone if you wish.

Some therapies [e.g. Shiatsu] do not require clothes to be removed - see the notes for the therapies that you are interested in.

If you are having Indian Head Massage, then please don't wear makeup!

Payment, cancellation & tokens

Payment is made in the office after treatment. We accept cash, cheques [with card] and debit/credit cards.

If you cancel a booked session within 1 working day, then we will still have to charge a half or full fee [depending upon the notice given at the time], as we will probably not be able to fill that slot.

We are pleased to offer gift tokens, which make an excellent present - especially around Christmas time.