This table shows when the different therapists are working at the Clinic - obviously you will have to check to see if there are any spaces available!

The word 'call' means that the therapist is not always in, but may be seen by special arrangement - [phone the office on 01273 455775] - this may include evenings.

The letters after the therapist's name denote the type of treatment that they specialise in; thus Andrew & Jeny have 'O' for Osteopath [the other letters are defined after the table].

Morning & Afternoon sessions
Therapist Mon am Mon pm Tue am Tue pm Wed am Wed pm Thu am Thu pm Fri am Fri pm Sat am
Andrew [O] in in in in in in in in in
Jeny [O] in in in in
Annie [M,R,Ar] call in call call call in call in in in in
Suzanne [S][HEN] in call in in call in in in
Jane [N] call
Office hrs

lunch 1-2pm

8.00 am 5.45 pm 8.00 am 5.45 pm 8.00 am 5.45 pm 8.00 am 5.45 pm 8.00 am 5.45 pm 8.00 to 12pm

[O] - Osteopathy, [I] - Indian Head Massage, [M] - Sports Massage, [R] - Reflexology, [Ar] - Aromatherapy, [Ac] - Acupuncture, [S] - Shiatsu, [HEN] - Hypnotherapy, EFT & NLP & [P] - physiotherapy. [N] - nutrition.