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Most people think of osteopathy as being great for those acutely painful conditions such as low back, slipped disc, sciatica, knee and elbow injuries - and so it is.

Osteopathy is also helpful with a range of chronic conditions and long-term illnesses, such as:

Children have their own problems - while many musculo-skeletal conditions in children are similar to those in adults, others are age-specific. Extra time may be needed and extra precautions may well be required. As a result, while I work closely with local GP's and medical Specialists for all our patients, when I deal with and treat children this is of the greatest importance. If in doubt, I consult relevant specialists before I treat. Parents should call and discuss their particular needs and concerns before deciding to book an appointment. Cranial Osteopathy, a very gentle therapy, is sometimes appropriate for these younger patients.

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Besides osteopathy, Besides Osteopathy, Andrew offers a small range of selected therapies and diagnostic techniques. Not just for 'mechanical' problems, but which aim to help reduce stresses and to promote relaxation & well being.

  • Dry-needling
  • Rehabilitation Advice
  • Shoulder Injury Recovery Techniques

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