Why Massage and how can it help me?

Many of our patients find regular massage after a course of Osteopathic treatment helps to prevent their problems from recurring so often. It is particularly helpful for nervous patients and in conditions where "fragile bones" mean that manipulation is not advised. Massage can be safely and effectively used to ease stiffness in such cases. Deep and thorough massage can also ease some of the symptoms of arthritis by increasing the range of movement whilst reducing discomfort.

Massage, together with the right exercises, before and after sport or other exertions can help to prevent injury and aid recovery from stiffness or soreness. If injury to muscles, tendons or ligaments does occur, massage, helps the tissues to heal quickly.

Because massage improves the circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids and helps to get rid of excess fluid and swelling, especially after injury this helps the body to recover more quickly.

Even when not injured, some patients still find massage to be a valuable aid to relaxation and help them to deal with some stressful situations.