What is Shiatsu?

SHIATSU is a non-invasive massage therapy, first developed in Japan. It is closely related to acupuncture but uses NO needles.

Your practitioner will use gentle pressure with thumbs and hands over specific points, as well as stretching and soft tissue manipulation techniques.

Sessions last about an hour and take place on a futon at floor level. Treatment can be given while seated if necessary. The patient remains fully clothed for the treatment.

A few of the conditions helped by Shiatsu

Benefits of Shiatsu

Who will do my treatment?

Suzanne Till works at the Adur Osteopathic Clinic, and is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner.

Hypnotherapy, EFT & NLP

Suzanne also offers Hypnotherapy, EFT [tapping] & NLP. For more details see Suzanne's own website.