June 29, 2008

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Please note that the comments in this blog come from many years of clinical experience and practice, combined with details and opinions taken from various sources, including open-source internet articles. Where relevant, links are provided.

Here at the Adur Osteopathic Clinic, the Osteopathic and Physiotherapy Practitioners are frequently asked to help with treating the symptoms of Cluster Headaches.

This name might sound almost ‘cosy’; you know, collected together, cuddly and supportive!

However, this type of headache, (often wrongly called cluster migraine), is probably the most painful of them all. Sufferers describe absolute desperation and even suicidal feelings when enduring attacks. In my experience, the pain can even change the personality to the extent that normally patient, pleasant people can say the most awful things to their partners or anyone else nearby. If you are on the sharp end of the comments, cut them a little slack, please!



June 18, 2008

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What type of person visits the Adur Osteopathic Clinic for advice on migraine?

It can be anyone, male or female, from children to the elderly.

Please note that migraine in children may not show as a headache and is often termed Abdominal Migraine, with symptoms including nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite and lasting anything from 1 to 72 hours.

Migraine headaches often begin in childhood or adolescence. According to some surveys, as many as half of all schoolchildren experience some type of headache. (more…)