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September 6, 2009

As a result of my earlier fall and subsequent surgery, I have, (perhaps inevitably), taken a more active interest in shoulder problems than I did before. As a result of using an excellent product for shoulder injury rehabilitation called ‘The Rotater‘,¬† I had something of a ‘Victor Kiam’ moment and have become exclusive UK distributor for this product.

We don’t normally endorse products so positively, but this thing really does do what it says on the tin. Take a moment and have a look! If you would like to know more, drop in and see us at the clinic or check¬† these sites;

Main ShoulderCentric Site

The Blog for shoulder exercise and rehab articles.

Facebook Page for general shoulder information:

Scott Welch - Boxer using Rotater

Scott Welch - Champion Boxer using the Rotater

The Rotater is used to enhance the process of rehab after surgery and can also be used to improve shoulder mobility that may help your sporting ambitions. Flexibility and improved range of motion, (ROM), for golf, tennis, rugby, baseball, boxing and goalkeeping can all be helped with its regular use.